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What are ratings? Ratings are used to review and score users as feedback and a tool to advance rising talent. It is also a transparent way to help assignors in their decision making when they review the profile applications to fill a position... Read More How do I make a rating? Whistle will request a rating after an event is completed. You can rate your experience or save for later.  Read More Who scores a rating? Assignors and game officials will both be asked to rate their experiences.  Read More How is my rating scored? Ratings are scored using five stars that are combined of the following contributing factors. Assignors Communication Organization Knowledge Reliability Payment Game officials Appearance Decision making Punctuality Fitness Communication There'll be a number of assignors who will require third-party feedback if... Read More Can I rate my experience as a game official? Yes, Whistle allows two-way ratings and we want game officials to have their voice heard too. Especially if you received any abuse during the event and would like to report it.  Read More Can I manage my ratings? Yes, you can manage and review all your given and received ratings. Go into your profile and select ‘rating history’.  Read More Can I review previous ratings? If you are reviewing the profile of a game official, you will see the overall 5 star rating of an official and how many reviews they have received in total.  Read More What if a rating is unfair? If you believe your rating is unfair then we advise you send our support team a message directly from the app reporting the issues and a member of our team can assist you to help resolve the issue. Read More
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