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What is a qualification? Qualifications are used for game officials to add training to their profile. Qualifications vary by sport and sometimes associations, so it is important to add as many training qualifications and/or diploma to your profile. Read More How do I add a qualification? As a game official you can add any qualification within your profile and under  ‘qualifications’.  Add the qualification title, date received and upload a copy of the certification for verification.   Read More Where do I find qualifications? Qualifications can be reviewed within the profile of a game official and assignors can find this information when a user applies to fill an open event role. Click on the game official listed and select ‘view profile’.  Read More Who will see my qualifications? Qualifications are available to the assignor dedicated to an event you have applied for. If you are accepted along with other game officials, they too can see your qualifications within your profile once assigned to the same event.  Read More Can I update qualifications? Yes you can edit/update your qualifications by going into your profile and selecting ‘qualifications’. Select the qualification you wish to update and when you are done hit save.   Read More How do I remove a qualification? If you wish to remove a qualification, go into your profile and select ‘qualifications’. Choose which qualification you wish to remove and by opening it you will see the option to delete. Click delete and it will be removed from... Read More What if I do not have any qualifications? If you do not have any qualifications or training to add then we strongly recommend contacting your local referee or umpire association, as qualified game officials will have a better chance of assignment using Whistle.   Read More
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