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What fees do Whistle charge?

We charge low, transparent fees for each transaction and we always tell you about them upfront. That means no hidden fees and no unwanted surprises!

There are no fees to game officials, but if you’d like to learn about our general fee structure please read on or refer to our Products page on the website.

• Facilitating fees Whistle receives up to a 5.1% facilitating fee, ensuring we can offer you the easiest and most

reliable service to connect your event with game officials.

For example; if you’re paying a $50.00 game officiating fee, Whistle will receive a $2.55 facilitating fee. However, if you’re assigning more than 10 game officials per event, we reduce our facilitating fee to 2.1% per transaction and therefore for the same fee, you’d pay only $1.05.

• Transaction fees Whistle receives a 3.9% transaction fee that simply covers the cost of securely sending money

to your recipient upon completion of the event and fully compliant with regulations.

For example; if you pay a $50.00 game officiating fee (as above) Whistle will receive a $1.95 transaction fee and therefore, up to a total service cost of $4.50 per official.

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