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What fees do Whistle charge?

There are no hidden fees by using Whistle. Our fees are transparent meaning there are no unwanted surprises.

As of January 2020, assignor's have the option to pay via ACH or Credit/Debit card. ACH payments will incur a 3.2% service fee per transaction. Credit and debit card payments will incur a 6.0% + $0.50c service fee per transaction.

For example; if you’re paying a $50.00 game fee, Whistle will add a $1.60 service fee if you're paying by ACH and if you wish to pay via debit/credit card, we'll add a $3.50 service fee.

As of January 2020, game official's will incur a 3% payout fee.

For example; if you're paid a $50.00 game fee, Whistle will receive $1.50 and therefore, pay out $48.00 same day.

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