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How does payment work? An assignor is billed whenever they accept an applicant for a role. That fee is paid to the game official, either when the assignor submits a rating for that individual, or 48 hours after the event has concluded if no... Read More Where do I add my bank account information? Bank account information is required before you apply to fill any open event positions as a game official, or upon the assignment of a game official. You can add your bank account information during sign up, or alternatively, go into... Read More How do I delete my bank account information? Go into your profile and select ‘payment setup’. Select the bank account you wish to delete from your profile.   Read More Can I add more than one bank account? Yes, you can add more than one bank account. Please go into your profile and select ‘payment setup’. In the top right corner click ‘add’ and Whistle will guide you through the steps. Read More Who makes payments? Anybody organizing sport events i.e, the assignor will make payments to game officials.  Read More What payment methods does Whistle use? Whistle authorizes payments using Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments that can take up to 5 business days to receive acknowledgement of their success or failure. Because of this, ACH payments take up to 7 business days to be reflected on... Read More What bank account information does Whistle require? Whistle will require your bank account and routing number unless otherwise prompted. Read More Is my bank account information safe? Absolutely. Whistle only requires this information in order to comply with security and compliance standards set by our third-party payment processor, Stripe. We do not retain any of your banking information, but this is securely stored with full compliance available... Read More What fees do Whistle charge? We charge low, transparent fees for each transaction and we always tell you about them upfront. That means no hidden fees and no unwanted surprises! There are no fees to game officials, but if you’d like to learn about our... Read More When does Whistle take payment? Whistle will receive a pre-authorization payment when an official is is accepted for an event. Read More When does Whistle pay game officials? Whistle pays game officials on the first Monday of every week, after the payment has been triggered, which is either through the assignor submitting a rating or 48 hours after the event has concluded. Read More Can I track payments? Payments are trackable and manageable through your profile under ‘payment history’, where you’ll see all payments that have been paid in and/or out that include receipt records. For any pending transactions, they can be tracked under completed events within ‘my... Read More What if my game official does not show up? Please contact the Whistle support team within 24 hours of event start time. If we are not contacted within this timeframe a refund will not be actioned.  Read More Who authorizes payments? Game fee amounts are included as part of your event and authorized automatically upon accepting a game official for an event role. Read More What if I need to pay more than one game official? You can assign an unlimited amount of game officials per event. You can choose your quantity of game officials within the role selections during the setup of your event and you take control of the fees you pay each game... Read More
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