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Who can sign up for whistle? Whistle is a dedicated service available to any game official, whether you are a referee, umpire or judge as well as individuals who facilitate organized sports and need to assign a game official for their event, from grassroots, club and... Read More How do I sign up for Whistle? Signing up to Whistle is easy and quick. The smartest way to sign up is by downloading the app within the Apple or Play Stores on your iOS or Android device. Alternatively, you can use our desktop service by signing... Read More What devices is Whistle compatible with? Whistle is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones. The service is also available across Web by logging in online that offers all the mobile features and functionality, if you do not have a smartphone device or feel more comfortable... Read More What age do I need to be? Users must be aged 16 and over. If you are aged over 16 but under 18, please pay special attention to our Terms of Use. Read More How can I change my password? Log into the app and go to your profile and select ‘settings’. Click ‘change password’, you’ll be asked to enter your existing password and then to create a new password. Click save and your new password is set.  Read More What if I have forgot my password? Don’t worry, simply click ‘forgot password’ within the top right of the app login and you’ll be instructed on how to securely reset your password.  Read More Can I sign up for free? Yes, Whistle is absolutely free to sign up! There are not any fees to game officials and therefore, what you see is what you get paid. If you are organizing a sporting event, you’ll see our fee breakdown once you... Read More
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