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How to create my first event? To create and add an event to Whistle you’ll need to include basic information such as the competition or tournament, date, times and venue. As of January 2020, you'll be able to add more details such as age of participants... Read More How do I find events? Games will show up by date based on your profile. Filters are set by a default setting and can be personalized to search games across a larger area and modify the game fee. Read More How do I add a team or tournament logo? Confirm the event type as a "competitive" game or "tournament." An icon symbol will appear at the header, which you can click "edit" and upload any logos directly from your library or files. Read More How many roles can I fill in an event? As a game official you can apply for an unlimited amount of roles at a single event. Read More How do I apply for an event? When you click into an event, you will see the information, which includes a map view and the open roles. ‘Select role’, which includes the fee you’ll be paid and hit ‘apply’. Please note you will not be able to... Read More What happens when I have applied for an event? The assignor will be notified and they can review your profile with other candidates.  When you are accepted, you will be notified and you'll be able to connect and communicate directly with the assignor and other game officials, if applicable. Read More How do I view applicants? Unless notified you can view applicants under ‘postings’ and select which event you want to review. At the bottom of the event information please select ‘view applicants’ and each game official will be listed with their profile information that you... Read More How do I assign a game official? When you review a profile that is acceptable for what you need, simply click ‘accept’. The game official will be notified and you can connect and communicate directly with each other for any matters relating to the event.  Read More What if my application is accepted? When accepted, congratulations! You’ll be notified immediately by push notification (iOS and Android users) or email and can now connect directly with the assignor, where communicating is a call or message away seamlessly through Whistle.   Read More What if my application is still pending? If an application you made is still pending you can bet it is because the assignor has not filled the position and it is still open. If you are no longer interested then you can open the event and click... Read More What if my application is rejected? Unfortunately, it will happen no matter how good your experience or rating is.  If a assignor decides to accept somebody else the event will no longer be pending on your profile.  Read More Where do I manage my events? Your events can be managed within ‘my events’ as a game official and ‘postings’ as an assignor. Just use the bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate and you’ll see each event listed from those pending to completed... Read More How do I sync my calendar? Game officials will be able to add games to their mobile device calendar when they have been accepted for a role.  When an assignor creates an event they are able to add the event to their mobile device calendar. Read More I withdraw my event application?  Yes, if you need to withdraw your application to an event simply go into the event and scroll to the bottom where you can select ‘withdraw application’. Your profile will be deleted from the event candidates.  Read More
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