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National Flex Football Whistle into 2020 Whistle Acquires Rent-A-Ref Baseball: A Complex Game SportsEngine Adds Whistle to its Marketplace An Official Problem Blog Dean Blandino Joins Whistle New Mexico Puts Whistle Through its Paces Hoopla leads the way with Whistle Whistle becomes an Education Partner of the National Association of Sporting Officials About Contact Us Products Tech Support News Homepage Referee Schedule Privacy Policy Login & Sign Up Game Officials Who can sign up for whistle? Sports Management Terms Of Use Organizers How do I sign up for Whistle? Web Application Sitemap Sports Schedule What devices is Whistle compatible with? ArbiterSports Alternative What age do I need to be? How can I change my password? What if I have forgot my password? Profile How is my personal information used? What personal information can I access? How do I update my personal information? What sports does Whistle cover? Am I covered by liability insurance? How do I receive notifications? Where do I manage my notifications? Payments How does payment work? Where do I add my bank account information? How do I delete my bank account information? What bank account information does Whistle require? Is my bank account information safe? What fees do Whistle charge? When does Whistle take payment? When do I get paid as an official? What if my game official does not show up? Events How to create my first event? How do I find events? How do I add a team or tournament logo? How many roles can I fill in an event? How do I apply for an event? What happens when I have applied for an event? How do I view applicants? How do I assign a game official? What if my application is accepted? What if my application is still pending? What if my application is rejected? Where do I manage my events? How do I sync my calendar? I withdraw my event application?  Ratings What are ratings? How do I make a rating? Who scores a rating? How is my rating scored? Can I rate my experience as a game official? Can I manage my ratings? Can I review previous ratings? What if a rating is unfair? Calls & Messages How do I contact a user? When can I contact a user? Is my contact information safe? Who can see my number? Where do I find my messages? Who can I message? Who can message me? Qualifications What is a qualification? How do I add a qualification? Where do I find qualifications? Who will see my qualifications? Can I update qualifications? How do I remove a qualification? What if I do not have any qualifications? Dispute Something Contact Tech Support Message Received
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