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Referee Schedule

Calling all referees, umpires and judges! Don't let old technology hold you back by looking no further than Whistle for your newest complete assigning solution.


Organizing your referee assignments

As a referee, umpire or judge you can discover open officiating roles and manage your schedule within just a few taps using the easiest and most reliable service across all devices.

Search by sports, location, and desired fees before applying your profile for consideration to an open role directly with the assignor. When selected, you'll be able to communicate directly to the organizer along with any other officials, providing greater convenience to form better relationships and foster potential mentors along the way.


By using Whistle, messaging support is available 24/7 so you can be assured that should any issues arise it'll take you no time to report them back to us and all in one place.

Feedback and Payment

When your next assignment is complete, nice job! You'll be asked by Whistle to feedback and rate your overall experience, both positive and any negative.

Whistle pays out to officials at each start of the week on a Monday, so your next game fee will be deposited through our secure automated payment service and directly into your bank account within 5 to 7 business days. No more chasing money and waiting for checks!


No Fees

You got it! Whistle does not charge a service fee to officials. 100% of the fee you see is what you'll be paid! You will however be responsible to pay for a background screening check before applying for an open role.

Referee scheduling software

Whistle provides greater convenience and is available across all devices from iOS and Android to web online users, removing the complexities and inefficiencies out of recruiting and scheduling officials.

As a referee, umpire or judge that means you can manage your sports schedule and create a new level of access to events from anywhere. Whistle is as mobile as you are!

Whistle does all the heavy-lifting for sports event organizers and assignors by simplifying the workflow, providing greater access and connections that makes the job of recruiting and scheduling officials completely hassle-free! Multiple sports management tasks are no longer a headache with an easy-to-use interface, one single login account even if you’re not only an official, but also run teams, leagues and tournaments.


Whistle is fast becoming the best place where sport meets game officials and fully integrated with SportsEngine’s online marketplace of of sports-related applications and services, provided for more than 1 million youth sports clubs, leagues, governing bodies and associations.


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