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Referee Schedule


Organizing your game assignments

As a referee, umpire or judge you can discover games, open positions and manage your schedule with greater convenience and flexibility on Whistle.

Search and apply to work games by sports, location, and fees. When selected, you'll be able to connect and communicate directly to the organizer along with any other officials assigned to the same game.


By using Whistle, messaging support is available 24/7 so you can be assured that should any issues arise it'll take you no time to report them back to us and all-in-one place.

Feedback and Payment

When you've completed your game, nice job! You'll be asked by Whistle to feedback and rate your overall experience directly to the organization.

No more time spent logging games and waiting for a check! As of January 2020, you'll get paid game fees same day via direct deposit.


Referee scheduling software

Whistle does all the heavy-lifting for sports event organizers and assignors by simplifying the workflow, providing greater access and connections that makes the job of recruiting and scheduling officials completely hassle-free! Multiple sports management tasks are no longer a headache with an easy-to-use interface, one single login account even if you’re not only an official, but also run teams, leagues and tournaments.

Whistle is fast becoming the most reliable platform to make sports officiating happen and the first service to be fully integrated with SportsEngine’s online marketplace of of sports-related applications and services, provided for more than 1 million youth sports clubs, leagues, governing bodies and associations.


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