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Simplifying the process

Whistle is a dedicated service that connects first-time and experienced officials of all ages directly with organized sports events.

Our dedicated features and carefully engineered functionality deliver an unrivaled user experience with access at home and on-the-go with total freedom from the laptop.

By using Whistle you'll benefit from quick and easy access to leagues and tournaments based on your location, as well as features from direct in-app communication with organizers and officials to notifications and alerts, post-game feedback and direct deposit payments.

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Same Day Payouts*

Game Officials

Your schedule, no longer complicated

We match your profile to recreational leagues and tournaments based on your location, increasing your exposure to organized sports events and not restricting you to a single association or region. Discover an easier way to manage your schedule, apply for open positions, communicate with organizers and officials and report any issues. As of January 2020, you'll receive same day payouts via direct deposit. Yes, no checks!

*Please refer to the Terms of Use from January 2, 2020.

Secure direct payments
Accessible from anywhere
Rate your officiating experience
Covering 13 different sports
Build up your rating
Set your own schedule
Location based event discovery
Earn more doing what you love

Hassle Free Scheduling


Don’t let old technology and paper hold you back

Streamline your scheduling tasks and get back to doing more of what you love, making sports happen! Customize and post your schedule, access existing and new officials, communicate directly through a dedicated in-app messaging facility, provide feedback and let us do the heavy-lifting by paying officials via direct deposit through our automated secured same day service, with no hidden fees.*

*Please refer to the Terms of Use from January 2, 2020.

Rate game officials
Location based event discovery
Create your event in seconds
No hidden fees
Secure automated payments
Expand your officiating network
Personalized search results
Easy schedule management
Communicate directly with game officials

Web Application

Multiple task management without the heavy lifting

Our web application removes the need to sift through messy paper forms. The user friendly dashboard offers desktop users an easy-to-use interface that keeps you focused on your tasks by giving you quick access to all the tools you need to help track and manage your event scheduling all-in-one reliable place. Efficiently switch between profiles with one simple login if you are scheduling and officiating games.

Jason Unruh Tournament Director, HOOPLA

"We are partnering with Whistle to help us stay on the cutting edge of technology, improve our communication and streamline our overall coordination of officials at Hoopla."

Jason Unruh Tournament Director, HOOPLA
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